The Transition

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Just a look they said???

“Yes we can” they said, humph !!

I think I’m an atheist looking down on saints to pull bread down from the Clouds.

I’m I human? Damn I must be crazy , lazily I sit in the quiet over-taking by my guilt and aimlessness, a voice I can’t control,

speaking to me; ” Like a leaf 🍃 been dispersed by the wind, are you a paper weight or you’re just chasing after the wind ?. “

damn! , that snapped the hell out of me, is this all it’s worth? damn!

We selling our souls and being chained to a system of Double bound Chains.

Like slaves, been lead to the door of no return. Damn Freedom doesn’t come cheap.

I look to the other side of infamy. What’s on the other side? Visions blur , as blur as it seem making it impossible for a Dreamer to hope for something better.

Piece of Cake,” they say , but they’re always the ones eating the cake.

A Robbery in day light, We pretend to be in unity but so selfish.

It’s a cycle, like a merry go round, we spinning so fast we begin to daze off.

Our skins are being pierced with Spikes from thorns. With knives in our back, our lips are silenced by their heavy promises. They lure us with their sweet honey word.

we never gather the courage to say No to the abuse cos the system got us locked up.

Shall we keep Silence?

Shall we sit with our arms folded in between the legs?

Shall we slumber to a system that pulls us down ?

The Transition

Where lies the future of the young ones ?

Stages upon stages we go through life.


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